January 21st, 2018


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How to choose Right water purifier for your Home?

Today in Indian market or online website you will get many water purifiers selling at very competitive price! In fact I cant say it is competitive price it is compromised price!

When any one want to purchase any RO,UV or UF water purifiers you need to understand below points.

Before choosing right water purifier for your home please spend some time reading below details.

Some people are very particular about buying branded water purifiers. They think If they buy good branded water purifier they  will get good quality water it is myth no 1,Next Every one things if I buy big brand I will get service in 30 min! Myth No 2! Also If I buy branded water purifier I will never face any problem in water purifier? It is Myth no 3!

All above Myths what consumer assume lets clarify first, Yes Branded water purifiers are good because they maintain quality in making those products, There will be quality control team which takes care of quality issues and deliver better products for that you need to pay extra cost.

Myth  No 2: Service in 30 Minute or within 6 hours! Impossible as many company fail to deliver service that they promises while selling, Standard TOT for service in 24 hours in india, Recently I have logged complaint for one leading brand using their service app they took 3 days to call me back.

Myth No 3: Any water purifier you buy you have to replace filters for better quality water, You have to pay maintenance cost and also after some time or at the time of installation some leakage will come that doesn’t mean that product is bad or quality is not good. Hence there is no water purifier without any problems.

Last but very important point Don’t buy water purifiers online reason you dont know quality of the products and also you will face service problem, Before buying online just call the seller and confirm service then only you can buy.

First Lets discuss about Technology used in water purification.

  1. RO Technology Famous and most preferred by new generation.
  2. UV Technolgy
  3. UF Technology
  4. Nano Filtration technology.
  5. Silver Nano Technolgy
  6. RO with Minerals or RO with Alkaline latest trend.
  7. Boiling
  8. Gravity or Filtration method by Candles.

When you buy water purifier which water purifier is good for your house?

First you buy TDS meter online and check the water quality. Based on below parameters you can choose the water purifiers.

  1. Less than 300 TDS water you can buy UV or UF or Nano Filtration or Gravity based water filters.
  2. More than 300 and less than 1000 TDS, Must buy RO with Alkaline filter with PH adjuster.
  3. More than 1000 TDS and less than 2000 TDS Buy RO with UV or RO with UF with 4 in1 filter in place of carbon filter, Which will take care of water hardness for better RO Membrane life.
  4. What to do for above 2000 TDS? You need to use Water softener before RO or 4 in 1 Ceramic filter which will remove 50% hardness before RO and 100% Chlorine from the water, Also works as Antiscalant and carbon filter, By using this filter you can increase the life of the RO membrane.
  5. Water purifer with storage:- If you store any purified water of any brand for more than 48 hours there will be a chance of developing Coli form,Ecoli or Pseudonymous bacteria. To avoid this you must add Silver Nano Technology in place of UV or UF filter. All these mentioned spares are available in www.paanimart.com.
  6. You can buy and make your own product.
  7. When Filter costs are cheap  at online  websites  that might not be best for you! Hence Please dont buy filters based on just cost. ( Cheaper Spare parts may not serve your purpose of quality water)
  8. For Example we have seen Kemflow spun sold by different sellers at very low cost, Basically Kemflow is not Indian company, Which need to be imported, When you import such product it is not possible to sell at such low cost! Please note now a days many duplicate products manufactured in India using big brand, Including RO Membrane.
  9. We at www.paanimart.com we have good contact with Importers and traders hence you can rest assure the quality of spares when you buy at www.paanimart.com.

In my next article I will write about Membrane quality and  life of the water filters and which technology and brands available under the same.

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