How to Choose RO Membrane and Filters for RO water purifier

Dear Water purifier user and those who want to buy water purifiers must read below points before buying Water purifier spares online or offline.

  1. All RO Membranes or not safe to buy  reason is now a days In India many people are making RO Membranes by importing membrane sheets from China, Korea like country’s.
  2. There is nothing wrong in making RO Membrane In India but many are not fulfilling quality parameters also not certified by FDA,NSF and Indian Health Standards.
  3. We have also done study on branded RO Membranes like Filmtech,Pentair,Vontron and CSM, Whatever you buy online by looking at cheap cost might be Duplicate brands of above name.
  4. As a Traders some time we dont understand which is duplicate and Original RO Membrane, Hence Avoid buy online try to buy from known dealers whom you can contact.
  5. Water purifiers at Rs.4000 to 5000? How it is possible? Yes it is possible when manufacturer use used  or acid washed RO Membrane and Motor which is repaired or low quality!
  6. Hence Please avoid buying with unknown people or online to put your health at RISK. If you buy any Membrane which will give 90 to 95% TDS reduction for few days.

RO Filters:

Sediment Filter: When you check online many Sediment filters you will get for Rs.100 and even for less, Imagine Kent is selling same Sediment for Rs.500? When you are buying sediment for Rs.100 means you are again putting your health at risk.

Now How to choose the right Sediment? 1) Weight of the Sediment 2)5 micron or 10 Micron 3) Sediment brand by Brand or registered Trade mark as they use quality control. Once you check all these things then only you can buy best quality filters normally sold above Rs.300 cost. After one year you must replace sediment or it will block next filter. again depending on the water quality. Don’t compromise by buying cheap quality filters from unknown people or online.

Carbon Filter: Pre carbon  filters are with Carbon powder from 300IV,600IV,900 IV and 1100 or 1200 IV! If you use 1200IV carbon is best quality and 300IV is the least quality Carbon filters,

Also in the same range you will get carbon blocks also. If filter quality is not good then it will spoil the RO Memrbane,SV and RO Pump,

Just dont look for the cost when you buy any of these filters online or offline. we sell quality products at attractive price keeping all above points in mind. Or you can call us to get your required spare parts we will send free home delivery in Bangalore for Rs.1000 and above cost or we will send courier.

4 in 1 Filter: We also have 4 in1 filter inplace of carbon filter which will help in 4 important things. 1) Removes bad smell and odur 2) 100% Chlorine remover, 3) 50% Hardness reducer will remover 50% hardness before RO and Pump, Which will increase the life of RO and Pump. 4) Antiscalant to stop scaling formation on the RO Membrane.

Above filter is little costly but if you have high TDS or High Chlorine must buy.

I hope my article will help you to choosing right filters for you. Please share your feedback and ask questions by mail at only.

By Siddanagouda


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