June 12th, 2018


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Spiral Wounded UF Membrane for Low TDS water


No Water waste
Best Product for less than 500 TDS water
Best for Municipal water
No Reject water like RO,NF
100% Safe Drinking water


Leaupure ‘s Ultra-filtration Membrane has pores so fine making sure that there is not a chance that any bacteria, virus or cysts (that cause Amoebiasis and Giardiasis) can slip by. Presenting Leaupure  range of UF water purifiers for 100% pure and natural drinking water to keep your family healthy!

Only Leaupure  water purifier gives you 100% Protection & 100% Peace of mind. Because water from Leaupure  is 100% safe. Free from all bacteria & virus (including their floating dead bodies), yet retaining all the minerals and essential salts, so vital to growth and health.

Many more reasons why your family needs Leaupure

Leaupure  is the silent bodyguard you can always trust. It is ever vigilant and does not depend on erratic power supply. Besides the superior Ultra-filtration Membrane Technology, Leaupure  has features no other purifier can hope to match.


Features Leaupure UF
Technology Spiral Wound Ultra-filtration membrane
Water Appearance Sparkling clear
Water Taste Natural
Removes Bacteria & Virus Yes
Removes Cysts & Spores Yes
Protects from Amoebiasis & Giardiasis Yes
Removes Turbidity Yes
Removes Colloids Yes
Electricity consumption No
Maintenance Minimal

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