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Why You need NF(Nano Filter) Membrane in place of RO for Low TDS water.


Why you need NF Filter? in place of RO Membrane

  • What is Leaupure Eco NF?

Leaupure Eco NF is the First Chlorine Resistant Nanofiltration Membrane based water

purifier that removes the right amount of TDS from water, while it completely removes

turbidity, colloids, bacteria and viruses to give safe, healthy and nourishing drinking water.

  • What are the Technical Specifications of Leaupure Eco NF?


Membrane type Proprietary Polyethersulfone NF membrane
Free chlorine 5 ppm continuous; 50 ppm shock
Permeate flow 8 to 10 litres/hr ± 10%
Hardness Rejection min. 55%
TDS Rejection ~ 35 – 40%
  • What are the salient features?

   o  It rejects 55-60% Total hardness and 35-40% overall TDS in feed water
o  Rejects more than 80% of heavy metals such as Nickel, Cadmium, Iron, Aluminium etc.
o  Can be used on municipal water supplies as well
o  Free Chlorine is not a constraint which means no reduction in rejection in presence of Free chlorine

  • When should one use Leaupure Eco NF?

Those who have municipal water and still want to use RO, or those who are using RO on municipal water (membrane replacement in this case), or if the feed water is a mix of chlorinated municipal supply and bore-well water. Leaupure Eco NF is ideal for waters having TDS below 600 ppm

  • What is the life of the NF membrane?

The life of the membrane depends upon the quality of water, consumption, and flushing frequency. Typically, a new NF module will give approx. 10000 – 15000 litres of pure water, and the life of the module may vary depending upon one†daily water consumption.

  • How does Leaupure Eco NF become a better option than RO?

Normal RO membranes get damaged and lose the capacity to reject salts if operated on chlorinated water supplies and RO membranes cannot be sterilized using any disinfecting agent. However, this proprietary chemistry membrane of ours developed in-house and operating on large industrial scale systems, can be sterilized using chlorine and will still maintain its rejection. This ensures that there is no bacterial growth either on feed or permeate side.
Second most important factor is the indiscriminate use of RO membranes on water having even potable levels of TDS, which results in the user drinking almost distilled water which does more harm than good in the long run. The WHO limit for TDS in drinking water is 500 ppm, and majority of places have tap water, TDS ranging from 60 ppm to 600 ppm. In this band width, our new membrane will condition the water just the right amount to give safe and nourishing potable water rather than DEAD water.

Who Must Buy this Product?
Those Who get Muncipal water or less than 600 TDS water.
Mumbai,Bangalore,like metro city with Municipal water or Low TDS water.
Where I can Buy only Membrane to change my present RO to NF?
You need to Change FR to FR450 and Your present booster pump to 50 GPD for Making RO to NF.
You can buy all spares at below link.


Or you can buy Ready Product with Minimum Service support or you can take service from any service provider near by.


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